Court Rules on School Finance Case

The Texas Supreme Court has ruled on the school finance case this morning. We are still reviewing the 100 page document, but the current school finance system has been ruled constitutional on all fronts. We will have more analysis is coming days. It was a unanimous decision.  

Closing Paragraph from Supreme Court ruling:

The Framers of our Texas Constitution placed the responsibility for education policymaking squarely with the Legislature. Those decisions are not immune from judicial review. Lawmakers decide if laws pass, and judges decide if those laws pass muster. But our lenient standard of review in this policy-laden area counsels modesty. The judicial role is not to second-guess whether our system is optimal, but whether it is constitutional. Our Byzantine school funding “system” is undeniably imperfect, with immense room for improvement. But it satisfies minimum constitutional requirements. Accordingly, we decline to usurp legislative authority by issuing reform diktats from on high, supplanting lawmakers’ policy TEX. CONST. art. VII, § 1. 335 99 wisdom with our own. The Texas Legislature, the center of policymaking gravity, is not similarly bound. And smartly so. Our Constitution endows the people’s elected representatives with vast discretion in fulfilling their constitutional duty to fashion a school system fit for our dynamic and fast-growing State’s unique characteristics. We hope lawmakers will seize this urgent challenge and upend an ossified regime ill-suited for 21st century Texas. The trial court’s judgment is affirmed in part and reversed in part. We remand the issue of attorney fees to the trial court. We render a take-nothing judgment on all of the Plaintiffs’ and Intervenors’ other claims.

Link to Ruling:

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Posted By : Bob Popinski ~ 5/13/2016 9:42 AM
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