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At MCA’s one-stop policy shop, you will get answers to questions regarding the gamut of school policy topics including school finance, accountability, administration and governance, safety, and legislation. 

You will also be equipped with timely news, models, legislative updates, and top-rate information from policy briefings. Services available to TSPN members include: 

NEW! Legislative Analysis

TSPN members will have access to the most comprehensive bill review service on the market. Simply put, if it impacts public education, the experts at Moak Casey will summarize pertinent legislation and help your staff understand how it will impact your schools.

Also, so that you can make your own plans on how to engage politically, we will provide online bill tracking reports and weekly conference calls to guide your staff through the week’s legislative activity.

News Updates & Analysis

TSPN members will have access to timely updates and analysis of important developments in accountability and school finance – the only service that covers both of these vital policy domains.

With so much change coming to public education, our team of experts can help ensure that your district is basing its decisions on the most up-to-date information coming out of Austin. You will receive regular newsletters, as well as updates on agency guidance and rulemaking activity.

Accountability & Assessment

TSPN members will receive support from our accountability and assessment team, including updates on the latest developments in state assessment, accountability, academics, curriculum and instruction, and instructional leadership. TSPN services will also include monitoring of the implementation of key legislation (i.e. HB 3 and HB 3906), as well as agency advisory groups and rule-making activity. Additionally, the experts at Moak Casey will provide regular academic data and reports for TSPN member districts.

Financial Modeling

Moak Casey continues its 30-year tradition of school finance modeling and revenue estimation. As a TSPN member, you will have access to our online revenue model, which will allow you to run various funding scenarios and gain valuable insights into how changes to the school finance system impact your district.

In our system, Moak Casey experts will pre-populate the necessary elements with our best estimates. Once your district is ready to input alternative data, simply plug it in and watch your revenue estimates update in real time. Additionally, if we make refinements to our model, your data will carry need to go in and re-enter all your data, as is the case with other templates.

TSPN membership also includes access to state-wide model runs so that you can compare the impact any proposed legislation has on your district relative to others across the state.

Seasonal Workshops and Webinars 

TSPN members will have access to regular online webinars and in-person regional workshops where Moak Casey experts will lead a deep-dive into the most challenging policy issues of the day.

This service also includes access to Moak Casey staff for general consultation, as well as regular, small-group office hours where you can learn from peers and experts alike.

District Size (# of students)

Annual Price

25,001 +


12,501 - 25,000


5,001 - 12,500


1,001 - 5,000


1 - 1,000


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For more information, please call us at 512-485-7878 or email Dr. Buck Gilcrease at You can also find similar information in our TSPN Services brochure.

To register for the Texas School Policy Network, click here.