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School Finance Policy Research

MC&A has developed a unique, customizable forecasting model to help districts analyze the effects of changing state assistance and local tax revenues to create solid plans for the future.

MC&A’s proprietary revenue model is based on a thorough understanding of district data and policy issues. This unique model has the ability to develop customized revenue forecasts of significant elements of state and local financing. The model also has the capacity to examine “what if” scenarios including alternative growth rates for students, changing property values and tax rates and other major components of the school finance system.

MC&A works with both small and large districts to identify the specific financial problems/issues that affect them and develop an action plan for effectively dealing with those issues.

The primary objective of this service is to assist the client with revenue projections, expenditure projections and the development of budget alternatives.

Project activities and deliverables include:

  • multi-year forecasts of General Fund revenue and expenditures
  • legislative impact analysis
  • options for potential expenditure reduction or redirection based on staff identification
  • peer group analysis and other information
  • impact models based on multiple alternatives
  • reports on budget forecasting and options
  • staffing and functional comparisons
  • development of internal performance benchmarks

MC&A maintains both the tools and databases that are essential to successful research projects. Our comprehensive school finance models, extensive databases of PEIMS, property value, and performance data and our analytical capabilities set MC&A apart.