Inside Accountability

Looking for an academic home run?

Count on the Moak Casey Academic, Assessment and Accountability team to detail the inner workings of the Texas accountability system. This quick-read guide includes up-to-the-minute newsletters, invitations to just-in-time webinars, decision impact-modeling and individual guidance with specific actions and implications for curriculum, instructional leadership, and practice.

Wondering what’s going on at the State level? Wondering how Texas accountability will impact your district? Since new legislation and Commissioner rules are frequently updated, Moak Casey experts ensure subscribers have detailed analyses paired with actionable steps so that subscribers can respond in a way that most benefits school leaders and their communities.

Ready? Join us, and let’s play ball!

Yearly Annual membership fees are based on district size (number of students) FALL September-August
and range from $750 to $5,000.

District Size (# of Students)Annual Price
10,000 +$5,000
5,000 – 9,999$4,000
2,500 – 4,999$2,000
1,000 – 2,499$1,000
< 1,000$750
Private/Non-District Entities$2,500

For general questions about the Inside Accountability, you can email: