Network of Quality Schools

Providing cost effective, just-in-time training and support!

The MoakCasey Network of Quality Schools (NQS) is a collaboration of school districts and administrators seeking to sustain long-term continuous improvement through system analysis and action using the MoakCasey NQS System Check. This performance management framework consisting of 30-components is designed to Align District Sub-Systems in a manner ensuring continuous organizational learning and Cycles of Improvement across the Three Essential Roles.

MoakCasey provides its NQS members with:

  • Quarterly face-to-face meetings between Regional Cohorts 
  • Client-Directed Learning – Monthly NQS best practice symposium for all active members 
  • NQS/LMS – Online training courses available 24/7 
    • Specific Tools related to System Check  
    • Podcasts – sortable by both general continuous improvement and specific to a System Check process  
    • 1-hour monthly virtual coaching for individuals or teams for navigating the NQS LMS 

*NQS Members Only – receive reduced rates for additionally requested services such as:

  • Access to training supporting efficacy in conducting self-analysis using the System Check 
  • Access to an external review conducted by MoakCasey using the NQS System Check 
  • Ongoing Board (Strategic Role) Support, including Regional Cohort Board workshop

Annual Subscription Fee – September 1st through August 31st (prorated quarterly)

District Size (# of Students)Annual Price
25,001 +$7,500
12,501 – 25,000$6,000
5,001 – 12,500$5,000
1,001 – 5,000$4,000
< 1,000$3,000

For general questions about the Network of Quality Schools, you may email Missy Dvorak, Strategic Planning Coordinator: