Moak Casey’s Academics, Assessments & Accountability team provides up-to-the-minute information and analysis of both legislation and Commissioner rules with impact for the state accountability system, assessment, curriculum and instruction, and instructional leadership. We support school districts through the nuanced and evolving accountability system for student achievement and academic success in Texas, as well as through federal and local accountability requirements. As new legislation and Commissioner rules are frequently enacted, Moak Casey team members prepare our clients with the knowledge to both understand these shifts and respond accordingly.

Our services include:

Risk Load Analysis
District leaders know there is a complex set of factors converging on districts and schools that can make it challenging to teach all students to high levels of rigor. Moak Casey’s Risk Load Analysis provides actionable intelligence that equips district and campus leaders to systematically identify powerful solutions. By merging a variety of data sources including PEIMS, the American Community Survey census data, and district-supplied data,educators receive information that empowers leaders to understand the needs of all students in schools and make strategic decisions to target funding, personnel and instructional efforts.

Custom Reports
Moak Casey’s Custom Data Reports Suite is a trio of reports that looks at an Analysis of STAAR Student Achievement, Student Progress on STAAR, and Secondary Schools Student Attendance in relation to STAAR.

  • Cohort Analysis (STAAR Student Achievement) – The cohort analysis follows students that have been matched from the previous year to the current year and looks at the data in terms of growing students from one performance level standard to the next.
  • Student Progress Measures (Growth) – The progress measures analyze the current STAAR progress measures for students in Grades 3-10 and allows a district to review progress success by school and by grade level.
  • STAAR vs. Student Attendance – The STAAR vs. Student Attendance report compares STAAR performance for all High School and Grade 8 students to student attendance for each EOC subject area. This analysis reveals issues regarding chronic absenteeism and provides leaders insight into how attendance fuels student success.

TASA Accountability Forum Membership
Forum membership helps school leaders stay current with the latest developments on all topics related to state assessment and accountability. Members have access to timely email updates, bill tracking and legislative analysis.  In addition, Accountability Forum Webinars are provided during each school year at no extra cost.

District Specific Products
Moak Casey works with districts to compile and provide customized presentations to senior staff on a variety of topics including:

  • Academic Data Review
  • Beginning of Year Assessment Data Analysis
  • Middle of Year Assessment Data Analysis
  • Board Reports
  • Accountability 101 and 201 Presentations
  • College, Career & Military Readiness (CCMR) Workshop
  • Quarterly Update Presentations
  • Post Legislative Workshop

Our Academics, Assessments & Accountability Team

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