Strategic Thought Design & Continuous Improvement

Our mission is to encourage, enlighten, and empower Texas school districts and their leaders to develop and implement a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) approach to student achievement, faculty/staff satisfaction and engagement, community satisfaction and engagement, and financial stewardship. We help districts build organizational strength through leadership development and a focused and aligned systems approach.

Moak Casey has created a unique peer-coaching framework dedicated to the development and support of a consortium of performance-focused, forward thinking superintendents. We believe and have observed that providing feedback and sharing best practices with peers is a value-add for our clients. Additionally, Moak Casey services provide our participants with support for their continuous improvement journey and advance them into the environment of elite organizations.

Service contains:

  • consulting services to collaboratively develop and implement a 3-5 year strategic plan
  • ongoing peer coaching
  • ASQ book study
  • customized TEA certificated training for board and senior leadership
  • practical, concrete toolkits that provide step-by- step process to execute initiatives along specific levels
  • introduction to and alignment with three essential roles: strategic, tactical, and operational
  • visionary leadership with a systems approach
  • good governance training

Service Levels

Level I: STRATEGIC PLAN DEVELOPMENT – A Systems Approach through Listening and Learning

The Moak Casey Difference
Our targeted approach produces a clear focus with a concise final product, a one-page (front and back) Balanced Scorecard, consisting of Beliefs, Mission, Vision, Strategic Perspectives, Long-term Goals, Annual Goals (Lagging Indicators), and critical Leading Indicators that informs the Board (and community) how the district is progressing with its strategic plan and helps each faculty & staff member see how his/her daily work fits into the overall objectives.

The Balanced Scorecard focuses on the organization’s big picture strategic goals. It also guides the entity in choosing the right things to measure so that it can reach those goals.

Level II: STRATEGIC PLAN IMPLEMENTATION – Laying the Groundwork for Continuous Improvement

What is Continuous Improvement?
A journey toward excellence that focuses on the continuous examination and optimization of processes and outcomes.

Empowering district leaders to align inputs and outcomes to identify and measure stakeholder needs and to maximize results by establishing a clear delineation between the three essential roles: strategic, tactical, and operational.

Book Study

Review sessions and materials for The ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) book study are available to current CIC members & Book Study participants.

Our Continuous Improvement Team